Our history

The creation of Voxcan results from the following observations made in 2007 by the founding partners regarding the difficulties and constraints linked to carrying out preclinical studies:

  • Lack of measurement precision in the obtention of biological parameters.
  • Time-consuming processes for generating relevant biological data.
  • Use of large numbers of animals for obtaining statistical power and robustness, conflicting with the 3Rs rule.
  • Complexity of performing certain in vivo analysis, requiring access to high-technologies.
  • Avoidable financial losses.

Initially based at Lyon Veterinary School, the founding partners aimed to accelerate preclinical studies by using the latest cutting-edge technologies, with Preclinical Medical Imaging ensuring longitudinal monitoring of compound efficacy and biodistribution while reducing animal numbers, as well as measurements based on multiplex analysis (flow cytometry, luminex, qPCR).

In 2016, to meet an increasing demand for preclinical services, Voxcan developed its own facilities on a brand-new site while keeping its exact same philosophy.

Our values

Voxcan is based on three predominant values to give you the best R&D services: scientific excellence, high standards of quality and a deep ethical commitment.

Scientific Excellence

To ensure Scientific Excellence, we recruit and train qualified experts (PhD) in our fields of activity, with regular participation in collaborative research projects to provide cutting-edge services.

High Quality Standards

At Voxcan, we are fully committed to ensuring efficient and reproducible research, by performing preclinical studies at GLP-levels and maintaining high quality standards thanks to our dedicated Quality Assurance system.

Ethical Commitment

In addition to being compliant with the 3Rs and applicable legislation, Voxcan strives to improve animal welfare and ethical standards, with its own Internal Ethics committee and Animal Welfare Research Committee.