Osteoarticular Diseases
& Medical Devices

Voxcan provides preclinical services for Bone pathologies (osteoporosis, osteopetrosis…), Cartilage pathologies (osteoarthritis) and Medical Devices performance and degradation studies (bone substitutes, implants, dermal fillers) in small to large species.


What differentiates us is our key expertise in 3D CT, μ-CT imaging which enables to quantify bone and cartilage parameters (3D quantification, degree of mineralization, architecture: BV/TV, trabecular 3D thickness, anisotropy…) as well as implant position, volume, shape, density, dilution and persistence in the same animals over time.

  • As it is non-invasive, it reduces the number of animals needed, saving time and costs.
  • It is exhaustive (3D analysis) compared to histopathological analysis (single slices).
  • It monitors implant performance and degradation in real-time, providing the opportunity to pick optimal timepoints for histopathological assessment and for deciding to stop the study at any point.


In addition, we can evaluate implant-induced irritation (macroscopic observation) and histopathological analysis to evaluate local tolerance (inflammation, residual particles, collagen synthesis).

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