Voxcan’s preclinical excellence supports the publication of an article :

“Multiparametric characterization of red blood cell physiology after hypotonic dialysis based drug encapsulation process”

A recent Erytech publication highlights the contribution of Voxcan in the deep characterization of Erytech’s innovative red blood cell-based therapeutics, which are produced using the ERYCAPS® hypotonic dialysis encapsulation platform.

The objective of this collaboration was to investigate the features of processed RBCs vs unprocessed red blood cells RBCs in mice based on overall biodistribution and semi-quantitative analysis in spleen, liver and bone marrow by fluorescent imaging. Results showed no difference in distribution over time between processed and unprocessed RBCs. Voxcan’s data added support to the conclusion that encapsulation by hypotonic dialysis using the ERYCAPS® platform does not affect the in vivo longevity of RBCs.