As a player in the fight against infectious diseases,

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At the heart of your research, Voxcan provide you with the most appropriate preclinical service to accelerate the development of your innovative anti-infectious therapies.


Voxcan is a preclinical CRO with 16 years of experience in infectious diseases, for efficacy, biodistribution and tolerability studies. We can support your studies with a large and diversified range of preclinical models through our biosafety level 2 and 3 facilities. We have developed an offer that is especially relevant for your anti-infective projects

                – We offer robust in vivo bacterial infection models (KAPE pathogen group and S. aureus) including MDR strains from recent clinical isolates thanks to our IMPACT2 platform.

                – We perform studies in a wide range of viral infection models (Influenza, Yellow Fever, SARS-CoV-2…) in our BSL3 and BSL2 facilities.
                – The use of non-invasive in vivo imaging (bioluminescence, fluorescence, CT) allows us to follow disease progression and/or drug biodistribution longitudinally, saving time and cost. Also, our approach utilises high-technology readouts (RT-qPCR, flow-cytometry, Luminex and microbiological assays) to accelerate preclinical testing.



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